‘State Of Emergency Has Extinguished Any Hope Of Dialogue’

Aug 31, 2013 by

‘State Of Emergency Has Extinguished Any Hope Of Dialogue’

Human rights activist and president of Civil Rights Congress (CRC), Mallam Shehu Sani, spoke on the upsurge of the sect’s attacks and activities of government’s committee on dialogue with the sect.

FROM the unfolding scenario, it appears the military have broken the backbone of the insurgents, judging from the relative peace we have in the north?

Well, it is good to have an upper hand, but it should be an upper hand that is realistic. If the insurgents are defeated, that is good for the Nigerian state.

If you deceive Nigerians by saying that the insurgents have been crushed and later they reappeared, then you are simply deceiving yourself.

What has happened in the last two to three years is to tell you that Nigerians have been misinformed. We have had 16 different claims of ceasefire, all of which have been dismissed by the group.

We have had over 18 different dialogues with the insurgents, which were dismissed by the group.

So, as far as this war is concerned, it is full of deception. Even the military has been consistently hiding the numbers of their casualties.

Look at the attack that in Jaji last year. The figures the military revealed in the beginning were later scaled upward after about seven to nine months.

And now under the state of emergency, the cutting off of telephone lines have made it impossible for Nigerians to know the truth about what is going on.

But we have seen that each time the government makes claim, the group always comes out to launch more deadly attacks.

It only on the basis of properly informing Nigerians of…Continue reading on

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