About CRC

Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria is a coalition of like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to the achievement of a comprehensive democratic culture in Nigeria. The founding of the organization has been necessitated by the need to develop a veritable instrument to combat massive abuses of power by governments and their coercive instruments – both military and civil resulting in a macabre denial of people’s basic political, economic, social and civil rights in a bid to keep them in perpetual servitude through keeping them permanently immobilized. The main focus of the congress is the Nigerian environment. Its sub-regional and continental dimensions are aimed at liking up with similar human rights organizations in other countries for the purpose of exchanging residual information and coordinating strategies and activities.

Our Goal

To sensitize the people to safeguard their civil and political rights against the excesses of the state, its agents and class beneficiaries by defending, among others, their freedom of speech,  belief, association and movement.

To affirm the people’s rights to equal treatment before the law by upholding the freedom and autonomy of the judiciary and sanctity of due judicial processes and pronouncements.

To struggle for the genuine democratization of the Nigerian Nation and the establishment and nurturing of an elective, participatory and representative government built round the tenets of the rule of law equity, justice and fair play held and managed in trust for the people by government.

To defend people’s freedom and dignity of labour and insist that government must discharge its responsibilities to enhance and expand the productive capacity of human labour and create a dynamic atmosphere for economic growth and expanding job opportunities.

To harness and channel the collective will and power of the people towards achieving in our society the rights of the individual to attain genuine self-fulfillment through realizing to the fullest his potentials, abilities, skill and intellect in a political atmosphere that is devoid of discrimination and induced deprivation.

To galvanize the people to form a common front to defend and advance the frontiers of the freedom, integrity and sovereignty of the Nigerian nation.

To achieve genuine unity among the Nigerian people rooted in their common history culture and socio-political experience as a people.

To struggle for the full observance of all Articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and African Charter on Human and People’s Rights of which Nigeria is a signatory to.

Our objective is, the achievement of unity, peace and good governance, the advancement of the social, economic and political well-being of the people and the protection of their lives, dignity and freedom against the vagaries and excesses of the state, its agents and the dominant class within which the state is located. These can be achieved and guaranteed only in a participatory democracy setting, hence the congress’ quest for the complete democratization of all social and political activities in the country.

Core Activities

  • Monitors and documents Human Rights Violations.
  • Organizes lectures, seminar, conference, training and workshop
  • Distributes leaflets and publishes journals
  • Enlighten and mobilizes people to defend their rights.
  • Provide legal assistance to the under-privileged and the needy.
  • We offer due researches in the area of Human Rights, Development, and strategic Studies